Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild

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Guild Beginnings

As with any interest, two or three people spread the word! In the Lakehurst community, near Buckhorn, two groups from the local Churches met to quilt and share each other's cares and concerns. Out of these gatherings, a neighbourhood quilting group was formed, to socialize and to learn from each other. Two or three from this group attended informative quilting meetings in Peterborough, where the Kawartha Quiltmakers shared quilting ideas and information on a monthly basis.

As interest grew in the Buckhorn Area, an idea was born to form a Quilters Guild. In the 1989-90 season, approximately 15 charter members formed the "Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild" and began to meet regularly on a monthly basis to share their appreciation for; to teach; and to learn new skills in this wonderful artistic form of needlework!

The Galway - Cavendish & Harvey Township Public Library offered them shelter in the early days.

At present, our membership has grown to more than three times the charter membership and we welcome all interested newcomers.

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In 2008 the Buckhorn Area Quilters Guild celebrated theirry

Charter members of the Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild

Charger members

Photo taken at a banquet at Elim Lodge celebrating 20th anniversary of the guild on May 28th, 2008

Past Presidents of The Buckhorn Area Quilters' Guild


Photo taken at a banquet at Elim Lodge celebrating 20th anniversary of the guild on May 28th 2008. Front, left to right: Sylvia Jackson, Constance Rogers, Evelyn Martin back, left to right: Pam Dickey, Pamela Charman, Jackie Scott, Grace Selvage.

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